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14 days left to avoid price hike on Zambia

18th December 2013 Print

Expert Africa has just learnt that the Zambian Government has gone ahead with legislation introducing VAT (16%) on all tourism-related services as of 1st January 2014. The Ministries of Finance and Tourism made great efforts to see the proposal delayed, or better still cancelled, but to no avail. This of course means that any bookings made to Zambia after 1st January 2014 will suffer a significant price hike. So, with just 14 days left to save yourself a packet on travelling around the wild heart of Africa, you’d better get booking.

Still extraordinarily wild, boasting some of the best guides in Africa and an abundance of big game, Zambia offers a superb safari experience, staying at intimate, owner-run camps.

Walking safaris were pioneered here and are unequalled. Being on foot, it’s all about sounds, smells and secrets and, instead of ticking off the Big Five from a truck, you learn to sniff out elephants, follow the tracks of hyenas and correctly decipher every rustle, squawk or snap your ears pick up. It’s an utterly thrilling experience.

What’s more, night drives are allowed within the national parks of Zambia – an activity usually only possible on private reserves in other safari destinations. This gives you the opportunity to see more elusive animals such as leopard, porcupine and hyena.

Package: Expert Africa ( is offering its Oribi Safari for £4,421 pp (two sharing) in August; with the increased VAT, this same trip will become £5,002 pp. That's a saving of over £580 pp.

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