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A guide to kit and tricks for stunning snowsports images

10th February 2014 Print

Mark Pain is a multi-award winning sports photographer with over 25 years experience and international recognition. Covering major events worldwide from the Olympic Games to the Ryder Cup, and from football and rugby World Cups to World Championship athletics, Mark has worked at the top of his profession for many years. He was also named as the Olympic Photographer Of The Year 2012. 

In this video he shares his tips on the ideal lenses and simple techniques for capturing truly impressive winter sports photos

Mark says: “Winter sports is great for taking your mind  back to the basics and photographically remembering all the techniques you have to put in place. Any photographer can get professional looking shots by choosing the right lens and following a few tips”

In the video Mark talks about location and composition, shutter speed, the use of telephoto zoom and other trick of the trade.