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Schroders announces launch of QEP Global Value Plus fund

11th February 2014 Print

Schroders announces the launch of a new fund, Schroder ISF QEP Global Value Plus.

This long/short global equity fund, which launched on 7th February, is managed by the QEP Investment Team and represents the new vehicle for investors wishing to access its successful QEP Global Value Extension strategy.  With the flexibility to invest up to 150% long value stocks and up to 50% short low quality stocks, the strategy targets +5% vs. benchmark and has delivered an impressive 51.1% in excess of MSCI All Country World since its inception in July 2008.  With existing clients transferring to the new fund, Schroder ISF QEP Global Value Plus opened with over $500 million of assets under management.
Justin Abercrombie, Head of QEP Investment, comments: “We have been running our Global Value Extension strategy successfully since 2008 but in a format only previously available to institutional investors – I am delighted that intermediaries will now be able to access one of our most exciting products.  By investing up to 150% of the Fund in stocks which are attractively priced we are able to go beyond a more traditional approach in maximising the long-term value opportunity.  Meanwhile, the flexibility to short up to 50% of the Fund in stocks with low quality characteristics acts as both a style diversifier for the long portfolio and a distinctive return strategy in its own right.”  

As with all QEP strategies, the team exploits opportunities from a genuinely broad investment universe of over 15,000 stocks across more than 40 countries to build a highly diversified, high conviction portfolio.
Carlo Trabattoni, Head of Pan-European Intermediary, comments: “Justin and his team have a strong reputation in the global equity space and I am excited that we are now able to offer this top-performing strategy to our intermediaries.  It has a proven track record of delivering higher returns than the broader market through a range of environments and, in many ways, is the product of all the insights the team has developed through its 14 years of investment experience.  Increasingly, we are seeing clients demand more of their equity allocations, to see their capital ‘work harder’ and we believe this fund offers an innovative, well-differentiated solution to those demands.”