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Panasonic HX-A500: 4K 25p wearable camcorder

21st April 2014 Print
Panasonic HX-A500

The Panasonic HX-A500 is a 4K 25p wearable camcorder designed to help you capture unique moments on-the-go, putting you in the thick of the action and shoots in stunning 4K picture quality. Lightweight, compact, and easy to attach to your body or head, the HX-A500 takes 4K Ultra HD shooting to a new level of portability.

With new and extended features, a wider range of optional accessories - such as a new clip mount to easily attach the camera to a helmet or bag; or the ‘multi-case’ to combine the main unit, camera and cable into one body for single-handed use;  and enhanced connectivity options, the HX-A500 is comfortable to wear and intuitive to use. Both waterproof, for up to 3 metres for 30 minutes, and dustproof, the HX-A500 is ready for action whatever the conditions. Whether you’re playing on the floor with your children or climbing a cliff face, you can be confident that your hands-free filming will give you great results every time.

Simplicity from every angle

The HX-A500 has been designed with ease-of-use and simplicity in mind, so you can concentrate on enjoying the moment, rather than how you’re capturing it.  Comprising of two body parts connected by a cable, the main operating unit weighs approximately 119g and the camera section only 31g, ensuring that the camcorder is not restrictive, even during sports and other physical activities.

A new colour, 1.5 inch LCD monitor has been incorporated into the HX-A500’s main body so you can check the camera’s field of view during recording.The HX-A500 is also equipped with NFC (Near Field Communication) capability, meaning it is just a simple swipe away from a Wi-Fi connection via your smartphone or tablet. Through the Panasonic Image App you can then record and edit your video remotely, share your creations via social media, as well as broadcast them live using UStream.

Stunning 4K results

Despite its compact size and lightweight design, the HX-A500 delivers stunning results, even when you’re shooting scenes with fast motion.  Enabled by a new high speed and intelligent image processor, the Crystal Engine Pro+, the HX-A500 provides 4K video recording at 25 frames per second - four times the resolution of Full HD. Additionally, with a host of image-enhancing technologies, such as a new high sensitivity BSI sensor, you can be sure the HX-A500 will capture all the action with complete clarity – even when shooting in low light situations.

Designed to excel at capturing high speed events such as sporting activities, the HX-A500 is built to ensure that even sudden movements are captured clearly. The HX-A500’s Levelling Correction function automatically detects when the recording is at a tilt and levels out final images, while the Image Stabilisation function keeps blur to a minimum.  The new slow motion function means the HX-A500 is also ideal for analysing sporting techniques, such as your golf swing, at one of threespeeds: 200 frames per second (848x480); 100 frames per second (1280x720); or 50 frames per second (1920x1080).

Advanced design for comfortable and natural recording

With hands-free and natural recording capability and a wide range of optional accessories, the HX-A500 provides the versatility you need for every shooting requirement. Built to be dustproof and waterproof, you can shoot video for up to 30 minutes up to a depth of 3 metres, or on a dusty rock face.

New compatible accessories include the head mount, to comfortably wear the camera on your head, as well as an easily detachable and durable armband which allows you to operate the main body effortlessly, from a position on your arm. Further performance-enhancing accessories include a clip mount, multi belt and multi case to help you position the camera in the optimum recording location. An optional wind jammer attachment also helps to reduce the noise picked up during fast moving activities such as skiing and motor biking.

Matt Evans, Camcorder Product Manager, Panasonic UK, said, “We’ve seen the action camcorder market grow year on year as people look to share their activities and capture the action in the best picture quality possible.  4K is the next step in video capture and when combined with the ability to use a point of view camcorder we begin to push the boundaries of videography.  The HX-A500 has the benefit of a lightweight lens piece, just 31g, which means using it becomes unobtrusive and it adds no significant bulk or weight to the user.  This is a key point when you consider that an action camcorder will be used during an activity, such as ski-ing or sailing, so the less weight, or size, the better the experience.  The HX-A500 ensures the user takes unique and personal footage in the best quality possible.”

Available from May 2014, the A500 will be priced RRP £379.99 and join the A100 to strengthen Panasonic wearable camcorder range.

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Panasonic HX-A500