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DIY boob job

11th May 2014 Print

In a society that seems obsessed with looking and feeling the best that you can, it's understandable that both men and women are always looking for various ways to achieve the looks they desire. However, when it comes to cosmetic surgery, nothing should be done on the cheap – bargains are fine when you're clothes and food shopping, but when it comes to your body and overall well-being, it's an obvious fact that quality should overrule everything else.

The media recently reported on a 39 year old woman who died from attempting a DIY boob job. According to Yahoo News, Sonia Perez Llanzon, died of a blood clot that reached her lungs and caused a pulmonary embolism after she injected her breasts with the well-known petroleum based product, Vaseline. 

Although the mother of one had been a healthy individual prior to the fatal episode, having been a keen runner and boxer, she had been obsessed with her appearance, even more so after she suffered third degree sunburn while on holiday. This unhealthy relationship with her own body image is undoubtedly why Llanzon risked the DIY option to achieve larger boobs. However, as Head of Surgery, Julio Pla, stated that the human body isn't designed or equipped to handle this type of interaction with such a product. Furthermore, anyone whom attempts DIY procedures are seriously putting their health and their lives at significant risk. 

Despite the fact that this story is extremely shocking and demonstrates just how vital it is to use professionals when interested in cosmetic surgery, there are still many more stories that circulate the cosmetic surgery industry every day. You only have to look at the Daily Mail Online to see how far people have gone to cut corners and costs, such as ironing wrinkles out of their faces, and gluing their ears back. All these horror stories and many others is why MYA are so desperate to promote and raise awareness of the importance of quality, safe, and secure cosmetic procedures and environments. 

The well-known and respected company has years of experience within the sector, and appreciates just how important it is to have trained professionals looking after patients throughout the entire process of the surgery or treatments. Furthermore, it can't be stressed enough how potential clients should never opt for a 'quick fix' over the real thing; if you haven't got the money for the procedure you want, you need to save up and then seek out and use reliable, trained sources.