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Toyo Tires Proxes design concept shows possible future direction

25th June 2014 Print
Toyo Proxes Concept

Respected Japanese tyre maker Toyo Tires has released an image of what it calls a ‘design study’ from its Japanese studios. Showcasing the possible future direction of its best-selling Proxes UHP range the tyre features an attractive and aggressive tread pattern as well as an innovative all-weather silica compound.

The Proxes range has long been a favourite in the world of tuning and motorsport. For a time during the early millennium, there wasn’t a cover car in the UK that didn’t feature a set of the legendary Proxes T1-S tyres – a baton that was picked up by that tyre’s successor, the T1-R. The launch of the track-focussed Proxes R888 changed the world of fast-road driving and club motorsport almost overnight, with its high-traction compound, semi-slick case design and full road legality. All of a sudden, you could be the fastest thing on track, and then drive home on the same rubber afterwards – whatever the weather!

Whatever the next big thing from the Proxes stable is then, it has some pretty big boots to fill. However, this latest design study shows that whatever’s coming next from Toyo the designers are clearly not resting on their laurels. The aggressive, sweeping ‘V’ profile tread pattern helps to shift standing water, reducing aquaplaning, whilst the simply massive contact patch offers exceptional road holding, traction and steering response.

Commenting on this latest design, Alan Meaker, Toyo UK’s Technical and Motorsport Director, said, “Like a concept car, this isn’t fully indicative of any final production model, but it does give you a real insight onto the minds of our talented designers. There are new Proxes products on the horizon into 2015, and without doubt, many elements of these styling and development exercises, combined with the knowledge and data that we glean from our comprehensive motorsport programme will trickle down into all of them.”

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Toyo Proxes Concept