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Still crazy - Over 50s flock to British festivals

26th June 2014 Print

Break out the waterproofs, dust off your onesies and Wellingtons – festival season is upon us and it appears many over 50s have their sights set on loud music in a muddy field.

A Saga Motorhome Insurance poll reveals that more than a fifth of over 50s are headed for a festival this summer. And for almost two fifths of them (36%) it won’t be a flying visit either, as they intend to stay overnight.
With hundreds of exciting festivals taking place, it’s little wonder that so many members of the Saga generation are rolling back the years to party like it’s 1999. The thrill of the open road, the affordability of a ‘staycation’ and the adrenalin rush of live music outdoors – all this is just too much to miss for many over 50s.
Of 10,600 over 50s asked, 36% of those headed for a festival will burn the midnight oil with an overnight stay. But it won’t be all soggy tents and cramped conditions. One in 10 of over 50s spending the night at a Glastonbury or Reading-style event will sleep in a motorhome. 12% of fans staying overnight at a folk festival will spend it in a motorhome and 14% will kip in their trusty caravan.
Roger Ramsden, chief executive, Saga services, commented: “The staycation’s popularity has rocketed in recent years, as has the variety of breaks on offer nationwide. “With festival season upon us, what better way is there to enjoy the British summertime than by heading to one of these events? It shouldn’t be a surprise that so many festival-goers are over 50, as a large number of bands playing are in the same age group. 
“Heading to Glastonbury or Reading and staying in a motorhome is a wholly sensible way to soak up the atmosphere. At the very least you’ll avoid a waterlogged tent if the skies open.”
Comprehensive Saga Motorhome Insurance includes uninsured driver cover and personal effects cover of up to £1,500, so people won’t be left out of pocket if their motorhome is involved in an accident with an uninsured driver, or they have items stolen while on the open road.