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Over 50s Holidays

Over 50s on staycation risk being left out of pocket

Research by Saga Travel Insurance has revealed that 350,000 over 50s have travelled without insurance in the last 5 years.

Hire car help for intrepid over 50s travellers

Eight out of ten over 50s are planning to go on holiday this year and one in six of these people will hire a car so they can explore foreign cities on their own, according to research by Saga Travel Insurance.

Solo travel set to rise

Singles holidays are on the rise, with the biggest surge in demand from the over 50s traveller, according to research out today from travel inspiration website, 101 Holidays.

Surfing the communication highway abroad

A recent poll of more than 10,000 over 50s shows that staying in touch with friends and family whilst on holiday is important to almost 75% of today’s travellers.

Move over Margate - The British retirement Riviera is en route to Norway

Two in five (40%) retirees have a ‘Bucket List’ of things they would like to achieve in retirement, according to a new survey by Fidelity Worldwide Investment.

Still crazy - Over 50s flock to British festivals

Break out the waterproofs, dust off your onesies and Wellingtons – festival season is upon us and it appears many over 50s have their sights set on loud music in a muddy field.

One in five over 50s travel without insurance

Whether it’s topping up your tan, getting your hair done or launching into a foreign language crash course – planning a trip abroad can mean a to-do list as long as your arm.

A quarter of over 50s plan to spend more on their 2014 holiday

January is the peak holiday buying month and 8 in ten over 50s say they are planning to go abroad this year.

Alpine cycling tours - Cycling, culture and clean air

Alpine cycling tours - Cycling, culture and clean air

The increased popularity of cycling tours among the over 50s is bringing a tourism boost to Alpine areas traditionally popular as stay-put ‘Lakes & Mountains’ destinations a generation ago.

“Galloping Grannies!” - Hot holiday trends for the over 50s this summer

Gone are the days when Grannies’ and Grandads’ summer holidays consisted of a trip to Blackpool to see the illuminations, or if you were lucky: two weeks in Benidorm.

Pipe and slippers retirement? More like Zumba and hiking say retirees

The average retiree enjoys three holidays a year - and is fitter than they were while they were working, research by Skipton Building Society.

Over 50s just as adventurous on holiday as the young’uns

The average 50-something holidaymaker is as much of a thrill-seeker as someone half their age, research has revealed.

Top ten tips for silver skiers in 2013

Top ten tips for silver skiers in 2013

The travel information and review site for the over 50’s, Silver Travel Advisor, has recently come up with its top tips for silver skiers looking to go on a ski holiday this season.

Fiji: Perfect for 50 plus travellers looking for a trip of a lifetime

Fiji: Perfect for 50 plus travellers looking for a trip of a lifetime

This summer saw thousands of young people setting off from the UK on gap years and many will stop off in Fiji, famous for it's 333 tropical islands and year round sunshine.

Ten top tips for walking holidays for the over 50's

Presentation, practice and performance are considered top tips in management, but when it comes to walking, Silver Travel Advisor has come up with ten 'P's' to prepare for prolonged perambulation during walking holidays and when trekking with friends.