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Made in Chelsea’s Jamie Laing learns how to drive in a new i10

15th August 2014 Print
Jamie Laing

25 year-old Jamie Laing, Made in Chelsea star and businessman, has never quite got around to learning how to drive. Hyundai thought that it was about time he started!
As heir to Mcvitie’s and a successful business owner in his own right, Jamie needs the freedom to be able to drive himself to business meetings rather than being chauffeur-driven.
To ensure Jamie had the perfect driving instructor, a ‘match-making’ process was carried out on suitable candidates to select someone with the ideal mix of personality traits to get the best out of him.
Over the next eight weeks, there will be a video series following Jamie’s progress as he goes through the trials and tribulations of learning how to drive on the streets of London.

Jamie Laing said: “People have been telling me to learn to drive for ages, especially my mother... My excuse has always been "I like walking". However, now I’ve been set the challenge, I’ll make sure that I pass with flying colours."
He continued: "I was hoping that my car would be subtle and discreet, but the fact that it has my name written all over it means that all of Chelsea will be able to see my mistakes - not that I ever make mistakes!”
Tony Whitehorn, President and CEO of Hyundai UK, said: “We’ve been working with Jamie for the past year supporting his successful confectionary brand, Candy Kittens. When we found out that Jamie couldn’t drive, we thought that we really needed to give him a helping hand.
Learner drivers in the UK have on average 47 driving lessons and 20 hours of practice before they take their test. Let’s see how many lessons Jamie needs.”
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Jamie Laing