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Beauty from the inside out

15th August 2014 Print
Skin care

The word ‘anti-oxidant’ has become a common sight on the packs of health and beauty products, as manufacturers try and cash in on the benefits of these natural wonder molecules. But whilst green tea and blue berries have been touted as anti-oxidant powerhouses they barely scratch the surface compared to a natural raw product from health food specialists BodyMe.

Anti-oxidants help counter the damaging effects of chemicals called ‘oxygen free radicals’, damaging waste products produced by our body’s metabolism and one of the main culprits blamed for aging skin. It’s theorized that by eating foods packed with anti-oxidants you can help neutralise some of the actions of these harmful chemicals and keep your skin looking younger and healthier - genuine beauty from the inside out.

Green tea and blueberries are often said to be extremely high in anti-oxidants - anti-oxidant values are measured on something called the ORAC scale and these two score 1253 and 5905 on this measure respectively. There is one natural product that puts these two to shame however, having nearly ten times the ORAC value of blueberries – raw cacao powder. The powder is produced from milled cacao beans and is the basic ingredient used to make chocolate, but unfortunately this isn’t an excuse to rush out and buy hundreds of chocolate bars in an attempt to get flawless skin. Most commercial chocolate contains relatively little raw cacao and it’s also packed with sugar, one of your skin’s worst enemies.

Instead try BodyMe’s cacao powder, which is certified organic and produced from cocoa beans that are dried naturally and then processed raw to avoid any loss of nutritional goodness. Nothing is added or altered to create the powder, which is kept in its original state for maximum anti-oxidant capacity.

Prices start at just £3.99 for 50g and 20p from every bag bought goes to the Healthy Planet organisation to help preserve the world in which we live for future generations.

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Skin care