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Hyundai Dealers’ Star Quality

22nd August 2014 Print
Hyundai website

Hyundai is to introduce an online user-generated ‘Star Rating’ system across the Dealer Network.  The system driven by customer recommendations will provide all Hyundai dealers with a transparent star rating showcasing the quality of service that they are providing to their customers on a day-to-day basis.

The Customer recommendations and reviews, which focus on each of our dealers’ sales & service offerings, are collected as part of Hyundai’s continuous independent Customer Satisfaction survey which asks the opinions of over 60,000 customers per year.  They feature prominently on the Dealer website homepage and also in the ‘Dealer Locator’ section of

The Dealer star rating will be an average of all customer recommendations received over a 90-day period, ensuring all customers have an up-to-date view of their chosen dealer’s performance.

Tony Whitehorn, President & CEO, Hyundai Motor UK, says: “Owner and customer reviews are quickly becoming a significant part of any consumers’ research – whether purchasing a product or a service.  We already carry Reevoo ratings alongside all of our products on and now we are introducing a similar system with our dealers.

“Having access to these types of independent reviews really helps us to improve our customer experience as we are actively helping to provide the type of information that our customers require to make an informed decision - whether buying or owning a car. These reviews also benefit Hyundai and our Dealer Partners, as it gives us real insight about what our customers really think. From this feedback, we can then identify areas for improvement across our business.”

The ratings system is currently available for 18 of our dealers.  It will be rolled out across the entire Dealer Network by January 2015.

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Hyundai website