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EU city breaks where luxury costs less

28th August 2014 Print

New research from travel search engine, looks at the cost of five star hotel stays in different cities across the European Union; finding that five star digs come on a shoestring in Warsaw while luxury in London breaks the bank. Five star hotels in Warsaw cost on average £84 per night, compared to London where indulgence seekers have to splash out an average of £321 per night.

With more than 500,000 hotels available worldwide, the travel search engine has developed detailed research into the EU’s five star hotel offerings. 

Helping savvy, budget conscious travellers make smart booking decisions, has revealed that the top ten cities in the EU offering the best value on luxury hotels are as follows:

Top 10 Cities For Affordable Luxury

Average price per night of a five star hotel

Warsaw, Poland £84

Thessaloniki, Greece £87

Bucharest, Romania £98

Athens, Greece £104

Lisbon, Portugal £113

Budapest, Hungary £114

Brussels, Belgium £122

Prague, Czech Republic £138

Berlin, Germany £145

Madrid, Spain £154

If money is no option then those looking for an extravagant stays in some of the most expensive cities in the EU should consider jetting off to the following:

10 Most Expensive Cities For Five Star Luxury

Average price per night of a five star hotel

London, United Kingdom £321

Florence, Italy £320

Paris, France £307

Milan, Italy £304

Nice, France £253

Rome, Italy £247

Munich, Germany £246

Edinburgh, United Kingdom £211

Amsterdam, Holland £208

Copenhagen, Denmark £191

Annie Wilson, UK Managing Director of Kayak commented “The star rating can be confusing as a universal standard, but the grey area is generally around the two to four star mark. When you get into the five star league the playing fields level out and it is expected that the hotel will offer a range luxury rooms and suites and facilities will include restaurants, bars, business facilities, a concierge service, swimming pools and a gym. At Kayak we champion smarter travelling and this research will help consumers understand where they can get more for their money when booking a five star experience.”

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