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HSBC introduces new fee-free remortgage rate

30th August 2014 Print

From 1st September 2014, HSBC is offering a new range of low- rate remortgage products with no up-front fees.

Customers moving their mortgage to HSBC face no booking fee, standard valuation fee or completion fee.  HSBC will also pay standard legal fees for any customers transferring their mortgage from their existing lender, meaning those whose current lender does not charge an exit fee, other than an early repayment charge, can remortgage with no up-front costs.  

Customers will be able to apply to ‘switch’ their mortgage to HSBC through the channel of their choice; in branch, over the phone or on-line.

Peter Dockar, Head of Mortgages at HSBC, said: “Existing homeowners are telling us that they would like to take advantage of current low rates but are put off with the hassle and cost of remortgaging. With a base rate increase now a case of when, not if, our new range will help more homeowners reduce their monthly outgoings with the certainty of a fixed rate with no cost and minimal effort.”

The fee-saver remortgage specials range includes:

2 Year Fixed Rates: 

2.19% fixed  - 60% LTV

2.39% fixed  - 70% LTV

2.79% fixed -  80% LTV

3 Year Fixed Rates:

2.69% fixed  - 60% LTV

2.89% fixed  - 70% LTV

3.29% fixed -  80% LTV

5 Year Fixed Rates:

3.19% fixed  - 60% LTV

3.49% fixed  - 70% LTV 

3.89% fixed - 80% LTV

In addition, HSBC continues to offer a wider range of competitive rates including:

60% LTV 2-year fixed – 1.49% with £1,999 fee

60% LTV 2-year discount – 1.49% with £1,999 fee

60% LTV Lifetime tracker – 1.99% with £999 fee  

90% LTV 2 – year discount – 2.89% with £999 fee

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