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Canadian Museum of Human Rights opens in Winnipeg, Manitoba

19th September 2014 Print
Canadian Museum of Human Rights

The Canadian Museum of Human Rights (CMHR) opens its doors in Winnipeg, Manitoba on Saturday 20th September.

The museum is the first national museum in Canada's history to be located outside the National Capital Region and is also the first in the world solely dedicated to the evolution, celebration and future of human rights.

The unique building includes eleven dynamic galleries which include exhibits such as 'Indigenous Perspectives', one of those most dramatic galleries in the museum featuring a circular theatre created from wooden slats which will showcase a 360 degree film and serve as a space for storytelling and discussion on Aboriginal views of humanity's responsibilities to each other and the land. Also featured is the 'Breaking the Silence' exhibit, which explores the role secrecy and denial in atrocities around the world.

The museum will be officially opened with a symbolic ceremony through a joint partnership between the museum and Parks Canada. Stones from the farthest reaches of the country will be placed at points along a circle and once the final stone is placed the museum will be declared open. CMHR President and CEO Stuart Murray said “The stones represent the stories and contributions from across the country that made the CMHR possible. They also symbolise the strong foundation on which the museums visitors will build the next chapter in Canada's human rights history“.

Parks Canada hand gathered stones from National Parks and national historic sites from some of the farthest points across the country including Newfoundland, Vancouver Island, Ontario and Nunavut. The Central stone in the circle has been gathered from Manitoba's very own Lower Fort Garry National Historic Site.

Across the opening weekend a number of special free events will be taking place to celebrate the museums opening with the highlight being a free outdoor concert featuring some of Canada's top music talent. All the celebrations from the opening events will be featured on the Canadian Museum of Human Rights website

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Canadian Museum of Human Rights