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Fall into winter - For a quieter, more tranquil Moab, Utah

22nd September 2014 Print
SlickRock Bike Trail

As summer fades to fall and winter so does the barking lockers of 4x4's, the squeals of delight from rafters on the mighty Colorado River and the multitudes of people, and a softer side of Moab begins to immerge.  Long recognized worldwide for its extreme sports and beautiful National & State Parks, many do not think of Moab as a late fall and winter destination. During these months visitors enjoy off –peak season rates and a chance to see Moab for what it really is…a charming small western town.

With the crowds of the main season gone, the serenity of the parks unfold as you explore nature, take in the scenic beauty and enjoy fantastic fall hiking in Arches and Canyonlands National Parks.  With temperatures ranging from the mid 50's to the mid 60's, late fall/early winter provides sunny warm days that make hiking especially pleasurable. 

Known as the mountain bike capitol of the world, Moab provides miles of incredible riding trails, ranging from the low-impact Mill Creek Parkway, providing miles of in-town riding, to the Slick Rock Bike Trail, guaranteed to challenge even the most experienced riders.    These trails are accessible year round, as are the multitude of four-wheel drive trails that will transport you into a magical world of breath-taking scenery.  Visitors can rent jeeps or take guided tours with one of the many experienced tour operators in Moab.

To experience real tranquility, plan a visit to Moab during the months of December and January.  While the daytime temperatures can dip into the 40's, the generally mild winters still make for pleasant day hikes.

Under a blanket of white, or even a skiff of snow, the views in the parks are magnificent with the glistening white snow creating a stark contrast against the red rock.  Rock formations that go unnoticed during the other seasons suddenly come to life in the winter snow.  Photograph opportunities are spectacular due to the added dimensions brought out by the white of winter, when even a clump of sage brush is magically transformed into a picture of beauty.

What is perhaps most unique to winter visits to Moab, is that you can be hiking a trail in the red rock desert one day and then cross country skiing the next without changing your overnight accommodations or spending hours driving.  The Lasal Mountains, just 35 miles from downtown are the 2nd highest peaks in Utah and offer a variety of winter activities. 

Where is Moab?

Located in southeastern Utah, Moab is located in the heart of the west, with Las Vegas, Nevada to the southwest, Yellowstone National Park to the north, Denver Colorado to the east and the Grand Canyon to the south.  Moab will surround you not only with beautiful scenery, but with the warmth and hospitality of a small resort town.

The unique combination of beautiful red rock scenery, the Colorado River and the majestic Lasal Mountains (where you can rise to 10,000 ft in less than an hour), has made Moab one of the most sought after destinations in the southwest.  Add  this amazing scenery to the numerous activities that can be enjoyed and Moab becomes an “outdoor wonderland” for hikers, bikers, rafters, golfers, four wheelers, hunters and fishers, sightseers, photo buffs, historians, heritage culture seekers and so much more.  Most Moab adventures can be tailored to fit the visitor, be it mild, wild or extreme, there is something for everyone.  

How do i get there?

Moab's extreme popularity is due in part to its unique and remote location.  Nestled in a green valley beneath towering red rock canyons on the banks of the Colorado River, Moab is a diamond in the rough and well worth the effort to get there. 

By air

Located on Hwy 191, just off Interstate 70 in the southeastern corner of Utah, Moab is conveniently located within one day's drive of international airports in four major cities:

Salt Lake City, UT: 235 miles/4 hours

Denver, CO: 355 miles/5.5 hours

Las Vegas, NV: 458 miles/7 hours

Albuquerque, NM: 387 miles/6 hours

While the closest international airport is located in Salt Lake City (SLC), Skywest Airlines connects directly from Salt Lake City Utah (SLC) to the Canyonlands Field Airport (CNY) located 16 miles north of Moab. Reservations can be made using

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SlickRock Bike Trail