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Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks launch range of new mortgages

20th October 2014 Print

Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks have launched a new range of mortgages including a ‘pay your mortgage for a month’ offer, where cashback will be offered equivalent to one monthly mortgage payment, and no arrangement fees.

There are a number of competitive mortgages fixed for two and five years which come with the ‘pay your mortgage for a month’ offer and no arrangement fees.

The Banks also offer a range of mortgages fixed for two or five years with an arrangement fee of £999 and the ‘pay your mortgage for a month’ offer.

Steve Fletcher, Head of Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks Retail Network, said: “Whether you are moving into a new home or simply re-mortgaging we understand that everyone has different needs and requirements. Our new range of mortgages has been created to support homeowners with competitive rates while we also pay your mortgage for a month.”

The ‘pay your mortgage for a month’ offer will run until 28th November 2014 and a minimum loan amount of £25,000 applies in order to qualify for the offer.

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