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MBNA Platinum credit card offers 2.69% on balance transfers and money transfers

10th November 2014 Print

MBNA has launched an MBNA Platinum credit card offering 2.69 percent on all transfers – money transfers and balance transfers – made in the first 60 days of account opening.

The card offers eligible new customers zero percent p.a. on balance transfers for up to 32 months and zero percent p.a. on money transfers for up to 24 months – both from account opening date. The offer applies to transfers made within the first 60 days of account opening (the 2.69 percent handling fee applies to both money transfers and balance transfers, £3 min).

Money transfers from MBNA are different to balance transfers in that, for a handling fee (in this case, 2.69 percent, £3 min), they enable new customers to transfer money from their credit card account (maximum 95 percent of their available credit limit) into their bank or building society account.

“Unlike many other credit card providers in the UK, we offer a money transfer facility that enables customers to transfer some of their available credit into their current account”, said Michael Donald, Commercial and Customer Experience executive for MBNA. “This MBNA Platinum credit card is part of a commitment by MBNA to offer a broad range of products that can help make life easier for consumers to manage their finances”.

The MBNA Platinum Credit Card is available for consumers to apply for now at

The credit card features an eligibility check, which enables consumers to find out if they are eligible before applying for the card. As part of the eligibility check a quotation search is carried out and this won’t show as an application for credit so won’t affect their credit rating. If they are not eligible, they may be offered an alternative MBNA product to consider.

Once a full online application is completed, a decision could be made in minutes. Once a customer is approved, their card should be delivered within 10 business days.