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Travelling inspiration for 2015

27th November 2014 Print
European city

Now that the winter blues have started to dig their claws in, are you dreaming of a holiday to take you away from the drudgery of your daily life? Are you stuck on which destination to pick? There are so many fantastic locations to choose from that it’s understandable; take a look at these inspiring choices, to help you make your decision. 


Sweden’s capital city, Stockholm, sprung out of the medieval old town, Gamla Stan, with its cobbled paths and leaning, coloured brick taverns. As Gamla Stan is such a popular area, and the roads are usually extremely packed, but there is always a waffle or pastry shop you can duck into for a little fika (coffee and cake chat with friends). Over here, café culture is as prevalent as Paris. On average, a Swede drinks between 4 and 5 cups of coffee a day, so they need plenty of caffeine pit-stops! Enjoy all the historic attractions Stockholm has to offer through an espresso haze.

Japanese Farm And City Stay

With a package holiday, you can get the best of both worlds: traditional and contemporary Japan. At Brown’s Farm, you can stay at a country inn called Jiji no ie (translated as ‘grandpa’s house’). You will be met with a beautiful tatami house, where they make their own shouyu (soy sauce) and grow their own produce. Most of the food here is vegan, so if you were worried about travelling to Japan with strictly no-meat-and-fish dietary requirements, you should be at least safe at Brown’s Farm (itadakimasu!). Spend the rest of your time in hectic Tokyo, visiting shrines, walking around Tokyo’s amazing public gardens, and dart across the iconic Shibuya crossing.


A hub of culture, Florence is not one for philistines. Extremely busy and romantic, Florence will easily win your heart with Renaissance art, Italian food and wine, and stunning architecture. You may bee-line for the top attractions, such as Uffizi, but Florence will take you by surprise with its inherent beauty, even when you least expect it; whether that’s as you duck into a small church to escape the crowds, or as you stumble into a square, complete with amazingly sculptured fountains. Pasta and art is calling you! 

Norwegian Cruise

P&O Cruises are offering seven day cruises from as low as £600, touring the astounding Norwegian Fjords. Setting sail from Southampton, this cruise will take you passed rolling hills, thundering waterfalls, and towering mountains. You’ll be able to visit many small fishing villages and enjoy exciting kayaking or river rafting tours. On-board, you can enjoy the evening entertainment, restaurant food, rich coffees, and fitness equipment. As with all travel (especially cruises), make sure you’re up-to-date with the right vaccinations before you go.   

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is the perfect city destination for those who love laid-back, cultural stays. With a multitude of elaborate temples, you will find quiet worship and art here. Join in with monk talks and meditation courses! When you move away from the historic centre, you will find that Chiang Mai is surprisingly down-to-earth, and there will be plenty of street food and veggie health food to enjoy.

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European city