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Three quarters of consumers want a smart energy meter

12th December 2014 Print

Almost three quarters (72%) of UK energy consumers with traditional energy meters said they would be happy to have a smart meter installed, according to a survey by Six in ten (59%) would use the information from a smart meter to cut down on their energy usage, becoming more energy efficient and lowering bills. Over four in ten (42%) said they would use a smart meter to get more accurate bills.

The figures also reveal that consumers who use smart meters are more satisfied with their energy supplier than those with traditional meters. Over two thirds (68%) of those with smart meters believe they get value for money from their supplier, compared to just 57% without. Meanwhile, over three quarters (78%) of smart meter customers are satisfied with their billing services, compared with 69% of those without.

In fact, two thirds (64%) of consumers using the technology would recommend their supplier, compared to only half (53%) of those with traditional meters.

In spite of the Government’s planned roll out of smart meters to all homes by 2020, a quarter (25%) of energy consumers are in the dark about what they are and their benefits, suggesting more should be done to educate customers about the technology.

Ann Robinson, Director of Consumer Policy at, says: “Consumers who are better informed about their energy will have more control over their bills. By understanding exactly how much they use, households can look for ways to become more energy efficient and use less, waste less and pay less.

“With such a massive appetite for smart meters it’s disappointing that one in four say that they’re none the wiser about their benefits. Both the Government and the industry should do more to educate consumers about how the technology can help them to lower bills.

“The introduction of ‘time of use tariffs’, where energy will be cheaper at off peak periods, will also encourage people to save precious pounds. Consumers who want to know more about smart meters should contact their supplier for further information. Meanwhile, those on an ordinary meter should check it regularly and provide their supplier with regular readings to receive accurate bills.”

Baroness Verma, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, says: “It is great to see the positive results of this survey. Smart meters will help put consumers in control of their energy use, bring an end to estimated bills and help people to save energy and money. We want all consumers to benefit which is why, as the rollout progresses, Smart Energy GB will be engaging consumers to build consumer confidence and understanding about smart meters.”