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Catch a Buzz travelling in Palm Springs!

2nd January 2015 Print

There's a new Buzz in Palm Springs! The California city introduced its new, ultra-retro, fast and free Buzz trolley service on 19th December 2014, giving visitors a quirky way to discover the many highlights and tourist attractions of downtown and uptown Palm Springs.

The new 30-stop service, which is one of many important projects transforming Palm Springs, will run every Thursday to Sunday, from 11am - 1am, with four Buzz trolleys operating simultaneously to ensure that a rider never has to wait more than 15 minutes, providing a convenient way for tourists and residents to get around without having to worry about driving a car to enjoy the city. 

The Buzz will travel in a loop from just north of the Riviera Resort and Spa to as far south as The Saguaro hotel where the trolley turns around the heads back through the city, enabling riders to hop on and off as they please – whether it be to enjoy a day of shopping; soak in the sights of the mid-century modernist architecture for which the city is famous; discover some of the region's best museums and gourmet restaurants; or experience one of the many popular events that Palm Springs has to offer, from outdoor pool parties to live entertainment shows.  

In addition, a soon-to-be announced loyalty programme will reward frequent riders with discounts and goodies at local restaurants, bars and shops.

“Palm Springs is a dynamic and thriving destination - the prime city in the Coachella Valley - and a buzzing city like ours (no pun intended) deserves a quick and easy transport solution that connects the north and south,” said Mary Jo Ginther, director of the Palm Springs Bureau of Tourism. “In fact, the 'buzz' about Palm Springs has reached new heights and is spreading far and wide. Our city is experiencing a renaissance as one of the hippest, most happening destinations in southern California and we have visitors from all over the world coming to our city in record numbers. So our city has gone driving optional and we are delighted to welcome the Buzz!”

For more information on the Buzz trolley route, visit

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