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Breaking barriers for the rich and famous

18th March 2015 Print, UK mortgage broker to specialise in arranging mortgages of £500,000 and above, is breaking barriers for high net worth individuals, and has consequently surpassed the £6billion mark in mortgage enquiries in only three years (March 2015). With the number of high net worth individuals (worth £660,000 or more excluding their main property) expected to rise almost 20% to 1million in the next three years and the number of UK residential properties valued at £1million or more increasing by 49% in just one year , has noticed an increasing demand for high end mortgages. With a year-on-year increase in enquiries of 33%, has achieved an additional £2billion in enquiries each year since 2012, thus proving an increase in confidence in the upper quartile of the UK property market and economy as a whole.

With Britain named the best place to invest coupled with residential property prices in the UK having risen more than expected , the success of is certainly reflecting the current buoyant market. With the UK property sector clearly booming, particularly in the capital, it comes as no surprise has grown at such an astounding rate. Established in 2006, the company has successfully built up an unprecedented global network of finance providers, giving its customers access to sources not usually available. Boasting a prestigious, extravagant and sometimes famous clientele, not only provides finance so they can live in the life of luxury but also provides a unique experience in the process.

A pioneer in the UK mortgage industry having reached this milestone, the company is set on establishing itself as the leading large mortgage provider on top of plans to expand into international markets. With discretion and integrity at the heart of its unique proposition, removes the hassle of acquiring a mortgage from either a boutique or high-street bank. Having built up strong relationships with over 85 banks around the world and sourcing lenders in over 50 countries, customers have access to a large portfolio of services including overseas mortgages, large bridging loans, million plus and private bank mortgages.

“We want to educate all those individuals looking to borrow £500,000 or more on the best mortgage rates available to suit their needs,” states Paul Welch, Founder and CEO of “Many lenders, in fact, offer more attractive solutions for new customers. For example for a 0.5% saving, one could save over £125,000 on a £5million mortgage over a five year period – it’s extremely worth considering your options. With the cost of a mortgage reducing, it’s also an incredible time to consider property investment; however it’s challenging to know where best to source funding, particularly at a high end. We’re keen to continually push boundaries to offer the most tailored solutions possible so that it’s easier to navigate the minefield that are mortgage options. This is even more imperative when borrowing larger amounts, and consequently the need to continually innovate and mould solutions is vital to enable the UK to benefit”.