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Media City luxury apartments generate high demand for Manchester City centre apartments

22nd April 2015 Print

Since Media City was launched in October 2014, it has generated an incredible amount of interest and boasts over 1000 luxurious apartments, which makes it a sought after location for young professionals who are looking to rent property in Manchester's City Centre. This means that investors are now looking to purchase property on the development in an attempt to take advantage of the high demand. 

Media City, Manchester offers studio apartments that start at £94,950 to 3-bed apartments with prices yet to be revealed, but luxury living can be experienced, with state of the art exteriors and expensive, high quality fixtures and furnishings. There is a resident’s cinema and gymnasium that makes living here an attractive prospect.

The location of the development makes it perfect for those who are looking to invest and with a high demand for rental properties from those who work in the city, it makes it a very lucrative investment. Transport links are ideal with the Metrolink system giving quick and easy access to Manchester City Centre as well as access to Manchester Piccadilly. There is also access to the motorway and airports which gives investors and tenants the opportunity to really maximise the potential of this development. 

There has been a huge demand from investors and this is helped by the location, the price of property and the returns that they can offer. Media City  is modern and the design of the development makes it stand out from the rest. Stunning architecture, with its four iconic towers, offers views of the Salford Quays or panoramic views of the city which is a luxury that not many new developments can offer.

Popularity is growing at an incredible rate and this has been shown by the two largest broadcasters in the UK, with the BBC and ITV relocating to the area, resulting in more interest in what the development has to offer. The area comprises of sport, theatres, museums and bars and restaurants. It is trendy, vibrant and multi-cultured, therefore, the increase in demand is no real surprise. 

Investors are also looking at new areas in which they can invest outside of London and now they are diverting their attention to Media City. Living costs in London are high and they are increasing whilst there is also a lower supply of properties. In Salford, Manchester, living costs are lower and residential property prices are lower and this is why the shift in interest has moved from London to properties for sale in Manchester

For Investors, there is the knowledge that property values in Salford have increased at a faster rate than any other town in Britain since the start of 2014, and the area will continue to benefit from the introduction of large organisations such as the BBC. Since January, property prices have increased by 12% which is a faster growth rate than London.

However, Media City is a real jewel in Manchester’s crown. The increase in demand in the area offers benefits for both investors and tenants that make this a great investment opportunity. For more information on Media City, Manchester, please contact Hopwood House.