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How to make a bad round of golf more enjoyable

2nd July 2015 Print

Sometimes your game of golf might not go the way you want it to, the wind could be against you, your swing might not feel up to scratch and you forgot your sun cream -but it’s very easy to still take such a game and turn it around. 

If you’re the hot-headed type who likes to throw their club after a bad shot, it might be time to get some perspective when it comes to your game. Are you playing for money? No. Are you going to be ridiculed in the Daily Mail after the game? Probably not. 

Stop being embarrassed about your gameplay. It’s not a matter of life or death (and if it is, it’s probably best you stop playing) and as annoying as it is when people say ‘it’s just a game’… you might just need to accept that it is. Your game isn’t defined by how poorly you did on one particular round, so forget about that last poor shot and focus on the next one – this one will be better. Tell yourself that. 

If you’re the type of person who blames everything except yourself for a bad round then you can make your games more enjoyable by indulging in a bit of prep work before you even head out on the course. Be prepared for anything and accept that you might need to go home and work on your form and fitness in order to improve. 

Carry a spare trolley battery from Pure Drive Batteries with you just in case and wear factor 50 sun cream even though you fancy a tan this summer (heat plus a poor game equals red hot rage). Just be prepared for everything and then there’s nothing you can blame your bad round on. 

Instead you might consider a new fitness regime that incorporates more yoga moves to improve your flexibility and therefore the motion of your swing. Knowing you have something to work on when the game is over might relieve any pressure you put on yourself while you’re out on the course. 

Another easy way to make a round of golf more enjoyable, from the start, is to play with people who will support you. It’s fine to laugh at yourself but when the jokes start flying across the course and don’t stop for the duration of the game if you’re playing poorly, it’s easy to get frustrated. 

You should also make your goals more achievable, to avoid frustration. Yes, it would be nice to score an eagle on every round but not even the professionals achieve such a dream, instead take your double-bogey and move on. Suck it up and let it go.

When it comes to turning your game around you might not suddenly start playing like a pro but you can have a little more fun with it if you take a step back, get some perspective and treat it like the fun that it should be.