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7 golf-swing tips to improve your game

20th December 2021 Print

The perfect swing is something that golfers spend decades pursuing. It’s part of the appeal of the sport – a staggeringly complex, elegant motion that makes use of just about every major muscle group. When you first pick up a club, you might find yourself inundated with helpful tips – not all of them terribly useful.

Let’s run through some of the more effective strategies – that will actually help you go become halfway competent.

Visualise the Target

If you’re paying attention to where the ball is going to go, then you’ll spend less time thinking about what you’re doing with your body. You’re more likely to be decisive, and less likely to be thrown off midway through.

Relax your Grip

If you squeeze the handle too tightly, then you’re going to strain your wrists, and lose power. Of course, it’s also possible to hold the club too loosely, and there are many different ways of gripping a golf club, each of which achieve respectable results. But for most golfers tend to err on the side of tightness – get out of this habit.

Use your Body for Power

Your entire body should be used to generate power – not just your arms. In fact, your hands and forearms are mostly just there to direct the force generated by your shoulders, abdomen and glutes. This applies whether you’re using a driver, a wedge, or a putter.

Don’t Slide

Maintaining balance throughout the swing is critical. If you’ve moving toward or away from the ball midway through, then you’re wasting energy that could be applied to the ball. Sliding tends to occur during the takeaway and the transition – watch out for it.

Play to Your Strengths

Your shot selection should reflect what you’re good at. While it’s good to work on your weaknesses, you’ll fare better on the course if you play to your strengths. As you gradually get better in ironing out those weaknesses, you might find that you’re able to make different choices. But, while your strengths might change over time, you’ll always be playing to them.

Take your Time

Rushing a shot is an easy thing to do. But, paradoxically, putting too much effort into a swing might not generate the most power possible. Ideally, you want the club’s head to be at its maximum speed when it impacts the ball. Get the technique right first, and then try to push things a little harder.

Have Fun!

With so much to remember, it might be easy to lose track of why you’re on the course in the first place. This goes especially if you’re the sort of person who sets high standards of themselves. Be patient, and take pride in the gradual progress that you’re making. When you’re having fun, you’re more likely to stick with the sport – and in the long run, that’s necessary if you’re going to get better at it.