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How to get a better golf swing

16th December 2021 Print

The golf bug is real; once you find yourself playing even occasionally, you will find yourself wishing to return to the course more and more, making regular plans with friends and by yourself to get your fix and to improve your game. But getting better at golf – particularly your swing – can be a daunting prospect, especially if you are new to the game. Here are some key ways in which you can work to improve your golf swing, and get the edge on your fellow casual players in the process.

The Right Tools for the Job

The poor workman may well blame their tools, but in many cases failure or lack of progress can be caused by simply having the wrong tools for the job at hand. So too with golf: if your swing is consistent but not improving, despite efforts to correct your stance and grip, you may need to address your clubs. There are more variables in driver choice than might initially be thought, and paying attention to these can work wonders for your swing. Chiefly, take a look at your golf clubs’ shafts. Their length can have a significant impact on your wing, but so too can their weight – and the distribution of that weight, giving a ‘kick point’ unique to that brand and size. Play around with different shaft weights and lengths, until you find one that is comfortable for you. With a more comfortable club, you can realise improvements far quicker.

Pay Attention to Your Body

Your posture and movements are ultimately where the power lies in your swing, and getting them to synchronise can make all of the difference. Firstly, think about your rotation. Both your hips and your torso turn towards the swing, but at different rates and extents. Your shoulders twist with the swing until your C7 vertebrae faces the direction of your shot – around 90 degrees of rotation - while your hips turn towards the shot for around 45 degrees. The ratio of rotation between your lower and upper half is where your swing’s torque is derived, and perfection of your poise in that regard can have dramatic consequences for the speed of your swing.

Devote Some Time

Taking time to focus on the minutiae is always a good thing, but you may find yourself plateauing – or even having to drill the same techniques just to stay at a certain level – without more dedicated time spent furthering your swing. You might want to take a golfing holiday, away from obligations and distractions from work, and utilise your extended periods of time on the course to truly focus on improving your swing.  Spending a concentrated period of time on a small number of things on which you’ve decided to improve can consolidate any progress you make, and ensure you hold on to good new habits on your return.

Keep Up With Fitness

Your gains with regard to your golf technique can only be as robust as your health; without simultaneously taking the time to keep fit, develop core muscles and grow your agility, you will not be able to adequately realise any improvements in swing skill. Strength is important, but only in the delivery of a strong swing, which itself can be derived from a smooth range of movement. Consider a multifaceted approach, incorporating yoga to improve your poise and flexibility, while training your trapeze muscles and core to bolster your swing.