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Aldi launches new Specialbuys Workshop and Building ranges

17th August 2015 Print
Angle Grinder

Tackle those odd jobs around the house with Aldi Specialbuys top quality Workshop and Building ranges, including a whole host of power tools and accessories, in store on 13th and 23rd August and while stocks last.

This powerful 1700W Demolition Breaker (£99.99) and Anti Vibration Gloves (£5.99) will make light work of tough demolition jobs. Suitable for breaking, chipping and even gouging concrete, tiles and other materials, this tool is perfect for laying pipes and cables or removing solid structures like walls.

Avoid damaging hidden gas pipes or electric cables when you’re working at home with this nifty Inspection Camera (£39.99). Featuring an 8mm diameter camera head with 4 LED lights, a waterproof and flexible gooseneck cable, and 2.4 inch TFT monitor, this clever device will allow you to see in those difficult to reach areas and is an excellent investment for DIY pros and amateurs alike.

This great-value 1200W Angle Grinder (£19.99) has a variable speed of 3,000-11,000rpm as well as an additional handle, hook wrench and disc guard, so it can take on tough jobs with ease and speed. A handy Angle Grinder Stand (12.99) and Angle Grinder Accessories (£3.99) are also available.

This versatile Multi-Purpose Folding Ladder (£49.99) features galvanised steel hinges and can be erected as either a stepladder or a platform. Its aluminium construction and compact folding function means it is easy to transport and store.

See these hard to reach areas with this ultra-bright 3W Cree Head Torch (£6.99). Featuring an adjustable strap, the light head can also be removed and placed on a helmet or cap making it an ideal addition to any tool bag.

This chrome-plated Staple Gun & Removal Kit (£4.99) comes with 1,500 staples and is ideal for DIY jobs as well as craft and upholstery tasks.

Aldi’s Building range is in stores nationwide on the 23rd August. As with all Specialbuys, you’ll need to move quickly because once they’re gone, they’re gone!

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Angle Grinder Demolition Breaker Paint Brush Set Inspection Camera