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An effective tool for consumers looking to save money

24th August 2015 Print

Consumers are constantly looking for ways to not only save money but do so in a way that doesn’t take them hours of searching and comparing prices. Consumers want to know that they are getting a deal and not question that they may have been able to find it elsewhere. This is exactly where companies such as VoucherBin come into play. The online company is well aware of what its’ target audience is looking for and has built an entire website around it.

Another Shopping Transformation

While online shopping has been a big thing for awhile now the industry is always changing. Consumers are no longer satisfied with being able to shop quickly from the comfort of their own home, they want and expect more. Saving money is key for most people out there today and shopping online doesn’t always give consumers the ability to do so. Instead online shopping has been about convenience. 

Customers can go to one central location now, which is, and find thousands of active money-saving vouchers at some of the biggest stores out there. There are discounts on prices, free delivery promotions, and the vouchers are always changing and being updated. In order to get this same experience at home one would need to drive all around town checking out the individual stores, and that’s if their town even has all the applicable stores available. It’s a novel idea where convenience, ease-of-use, and saving money has all been combined.

Of course the site is only successful if customers are willing to use it and recognize its potential. The site actually posts its stats and considering it's a brand new offering the stats aren't bad. Up to this point there have been 1,199 free delivery offers, 4,669 vouchers have been used, and on average each customer saves about £27 each time they use a voucher.

What Kind of Consumer it Attracts

Today’s consumers are more informed than ever before. They want quality at a good price, and their tastes are varied. In order for a shopping-based site to be successful each of these factors needs to be addressed.

VoucherBin attempts to tap into all kinds of age groups and interests by offering a large variety of categories. Shoppers will find discounts in computers, mobile phone services, electronics, gifts, travel, and so much more.And because the vouchers change on a daily basis the site is successful in bringing customers back for repeat business, especially if their last visit was one in which they saved money. 

This kind of shopping experience is also built for today’s busy lives. People spend their whole day rushing from work, to appointment, to run errands, and more. Now they can essentially do all the shopping they want in just moments without having to schedule it into their day. Today’s consumer isn’t likely to change any time soon, in fact they will likely continue to fill their schedules even more and demand options that work with their lifestyle.