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Five top tips on how to save energy around the house this half term

21st October 2015 Print

While many will see half term as a chance to recharge the batteries, it’s more likely going to be filled with them charging their gadgets and parents looking for ways to entertain.

This means that the home will be a busier place. With the chilly weather limiting outdoor activities, here’s’s top tips for parents to ensure your energy bills don’t spiral out of control during the week (or for some lucky kids, fortnight) off:

Switch it off!

Endless amounts of gadgets mean that more than ever, kids are plugged into the latest tech. This half term will be no different. While there’s no point trying to curb the trend, try to remind the little-uns to switch off when they’re finished playing to help reduce charging time and rocketing electricity bills. Also be sure to switch off TVs and laptops at the mains. Standby mode can still sap away energy.

Shrink your bills, not your clothes

You might find the dirty laundry piling up this half term. If so, fear not! Set your washing machine between 30-40°C, and save energy while you wash! Did you know that 90% of the energy used by a washing machine is used heating the water?

Stay warm, cut costs

By turning your thermostat down by just 1°C, you can save up to £60 a year! There’ll be more people in the house over half term so it’ll automatically be a warmer place to be. If you don’t want to turn the heating off completely, try and turn it down to a low, constant temperature to save money. Turn it down, layer up and save money!

Keep it closed while you cook

If you’re cooking the family dinner in the oven, resist the urge to open the door to check on your food. Each time you open it the oven loses heat and requires more energy to return to its target temperature. Instead, keep the oven door clean so you can peek through to check the cooking. When your food is ready, take it out and leave the door open to warm the house with stored heat.

Get organised (and save money!) for Christmas!

With Christmas fast approaching, why not take some time to get your finances in order ahead of the festive season. Whether this means budgeting, paying bills or simply switching suppliers to ensure the cheapest deal, you could save £100s on your energy bills this winter. We’ve partnered with E.ON to launch our collective switch initiative, the cheapest energy deal on the market, available until November 3rd.