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How to save your money by using various online voucher and discounts

26th October 2015 Print

The current economic conditions mean that most people need to be smart with their money. Shopping has become more of a bargain hunt – people going to great lengths in order to save a bit of money from everyday things. 

If you are looking to keep a bit more of the money you earn without spending all of your time scouting for deals, using online voucher codes can be a great alternative. In fact, a Halifax Home Insurance study showed people in Britain save nearly £1,200 a year by using vouchers and other such discount offers.

So, join the bargain hunt and check out these saving tips.

Shop in social media

Want to find the best voucher codes? Head down to Twitter and Facebook! Indeed, VouchaCodes conducted research and found that around 33% of men and nearly 50% of women find the best online offers through social media. Not surprisingly, there’s also been an increase in using your smartphone to make use of voucher codes. 

Not only is social media great for finding direct offers from your favourite brands, it’s also great for hearing about offers you might not have gone for previously. You can learn about interesting saving opportunities just by being active on social media – now that’s a fun way to save!

If you can buy it, you can surely voucher it

Most people think online voucher codes and discounts are just for clothing and other fashion accessories. But shopping online doesn’t limit your voucher options to just those categories!

The online grocery market is relatively small still in the UK – partly due to people not knowing how easy it is to save online. Discount offers on food items, as well as other household goods, can cut your grocery shopping bill by £1,000 a year!

Don’t get drowned in e-mails

Many voucher code sites, as well as brands themselves, want you to sign up with newsletters. This is a great way to stay on top of the best offers and even snatch limited deals before others. But it undoubtedly can also get your inbox flooded with messages.

Don’t be afraid of using a separate e-mail address for signing up for voucher and discount sites. This way you won’t need to worry about missing a great offer, but you’ll also keep your primary e-mail address nice and tidy!

Be season smart

You probably know how shopping seasonal produce at the supermarket can save you money, but did you know voucher codes also follow the seasons? If you want to be smart with your voucher codes and offers, use them during the best seasons.

Looking for summer clothes or exercise equipment? Find your voucher codes in August to make the most savings. Need tools and car equipment? Hunt for offers in December. You naturally can’t always plan your needs but think ahead as much as you can. In the end, it’ll save you plenty of money.

Nearly 2.4 million British shoppers are reportedly using discount vouchers each day and with the above in mind, it isn’t any wonder! So, join the saving revolution and make the most of your money with the tips above.