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5 things David Icke predicted that actually came true

24th November 2015 Print

Always outspoken, David Icke has often been ridiculed for his predictions. But do you know just how many of his predictions have come true? The theories in his books were dismissed by many as conspiracy. However, over the years, many of the things he forecast have actually begun to emerge in the pages of the world’s press. From sexual abuse allegations to the acts of terror that shook the nation, here are just 5 of the events that Icke predicted in his writing.

1. Sandy Hook

One of the worst atrocities of the past few years, the Sandy Hook shooting shocked the world. But, incredibly, David Icke predicted with uncanny accuracy that something exactly like this would happen. Amazingly, he predicted way back in 2012, that there would be a spate of shootings across the US. And indeed, the Sandy Hook shooting was followed by the shooting at the movie theatre in Aurora where 12 people were killed, and then there were also shootings in Oak Creek and Minneapolis.

2. 9/11

Still one of the biggest terrorist attacks in history, 9/11 traumatized the world. Back in 1999, David Icke chillingly prophesied that, between 2000 and 2002, the US would suffer a major attack on a large city. His book 'Alice in Wonderland and the World Trade Centre Disaster' documents his quest to uncover the truth about what really happened on that day. He spent over a decade researching the event and interviewing those connected to the attacks in pursuit of the truth.

3. Jimmy Savile

The allegations surrounding Jimmy Savile were also predicted by Icke, who bravely spoke out about Savile’s sexual interest in underage girls. He was also the first to expose that Savile’s perversions also encompassed necrophilia. There was much press speculation about this after it was revealed that he had access to dead bodies during his time as a hospital poster. Icke’s claims that Savile's connections to the celebrity world created a supply and demand service for underage girls were also remarkably prescient.

4. Ted Heath

Another paedophile exposed by David Icke was Ted Heath. In his books he pointed the finger at former 1970's Prime Minister, Ted Heath, who has been investigated by the police for historic child abuse. There is a whole section of his book 'The Biggest Secret' dedicated to Heath, in which Icke shares his belief that Heath was involved in both child sex abuse and satanic ritual.

5. Microchips

Finally, Icke predicted that governments were considering using microchip implants for each new born baby. At the time many thought this suggestion ludicrous, however just this option has recently been mooted by some in the European Union, although the majority are against it as it will infringe on privacy and civil liberties.