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ScottishPower reduces gas prices by 5.4%

2nd February 2016 Print

ScottishPower has announced a reduction in its standard domestic gas prices by an average of 5.4% effective from 15th March 2016. This reduction will benefit over 1 million customers with the average annual standard gas bill reducing by £32.

Neil Clitheroe, ScottishPower’s CEO of Retail and Generation, said: “This latest price reduction means the average annual gas bill on standard tariff will reduce by £32 as of 15th March with over 1 million customers benefiting from reduced prices.

“Over the past year, we have tried to always offer our customers competitively priced dual fuel tariffs. This has encouraged more of our customers to switch between tariffs with now close to one in two on fixed price products. This is one of the highest proportions of fixed price customers of the major suppliers.”

Last week ScottishPower launched the cheapest dual fuel tariff that fixes prices until 2018 in the market, with an average annual Dual Fuel bill value of £850. This tariff allows customers to fix their energy prices until 31st January 2018.  The company continue to offer customers the ability to move between all applicable tariffs at any time, without paying any exit fees.