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6 celebs who changed to vaping

18th February 2016 Print

If Old Hollywood glamour is defined by the thickness of the cloud hovering over any given gathering of VIPs, then we’re in a golden age. Whether it’s backstage at the BAFTAs, on the Oscars red carpet or over champagne and canapes at the Golden Globes, smoking is glamorous once more.

Only it’s not cigarette smoking. It’s vaping, the name given to the use of e-cigarettes. And the cloud we see floating over some of the most powerful players in the entertainment industry is not one of cloying, tobacco smoke, but of e-cigarette vapour.

Over the last two or three years, vaping has crossed over into the mainstream as a string of celebrities have been spotted clutching various types of e-cigarette. From those once notorious for their cigarette consumption - Jack Nicholson, John Cusack - to those whose tobacco habit is more surprising - Katy Perry, even Britney Spears - an e-cigarette is often just in-shot. 

E-cigarettes work by heating up a small amount of e-liquid to create a vapour cloud. As soon as a user puts the e-cigarette to their lips and begins to inhale, the mist is produced and the nicotine hit is delivered, mimicking the sensation of smoking tobacco. Thanks to customisable e-cigarette kits and different flavours of ‘vape juice’ from a variety of e-liquid manufacturers, vapers can alter the potency and taste of the vapour cloud, from higher nicotine levels for those who have just made the switch from cigarettes to almost no nicotine at all for those looking to quit the stimulant altogether.

Some of today’s most high-profile vapers include:   

Leonardo DiCaprio: Arguably the most visible e-cigarette fan thanks to his penchant for vaping at some of the glitziest awards shows on the planet. However, the star of The Revenant has been told by organisers to keep his e-cigarette out of sight at the 2016 Academy Awards. It follows a complaint by the American Lung Association after DiCaprio vaped during the 2016 Screen Actors Guild awards, reports the Guardian.

Lily Allen: Not only is Allen a keen vaper herself, she is something of a pioneer when it comes to e-cigarettes. Her music video for single Hard Out Here featured dancers using e-cigarettes in a hefty product placement deal, as reported by, seen by some as a first for the e-cigarette industry.

Kate Moss: The supermodel was so desperate to maintain her new, smokeless health kick back in 2013 that she paid some £2,000 to fly an assistant from London to Formentera in Spain and back again with her favourite e-cigarettes.

Michael Fassbender: The Macbeth actor is another star who prefers to vape, having been spotted doing so at the 2016 BAFTAs. 

Stephen Dorff: The Blade star fronted a series of commercials for one e-cigarette brand, after he admitted suffering emphysema caused by tobacco smoking. 

Bruno Mars: Following a promise to his mother, who died of a brain aneurism, the US singer has stopped smoking cigarettes and taken up e-cigarettes. In fact he’s so taken with them he’s even invested in one manufacturer.