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What to consider when planning a single storey extension

15th March 2016 Print

You might imagine that the planning of a single storey extension is pretty simple. After all, you may already have a rough ballpark figure for what it will cost, on the basis of past projects. Isn't it just a case of tweaking a few parameters and 'away you go'? 

Well, not quite. After all, whether you are a home improver or a contracted builder or architect, there's a lot that can go wrong with the planning of even the simplest extension, and as is well-known, the planning stage of any project is the foundation of its success. 

An estimate for a single-storey extension is never 'just' an estimate - it's the focal point of your project from a financial point of view. This is why we have compiled a useful infographic below, detailing the vital considerations for anyone planning a single storey extension. 

Infographic created by MyBuildEstimate