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Easter bunny brings easier commute for Brits

25th March 2016 Print

For Brits who commute by road to work, conversations in the office can be a mix of complaints, moans, and discussions about the state of the traffic on the roads. And while many school children might be excited, new research from shows that the Easter break can have a happiness dividend for British motorists too.

New research by the leading price comparison website found that the impending Easter Holidays for schools will save road users 40 minutes a week on their morning commute – with eight minutes a day being shaved off their daily drive.

British workers face, on average, a commute of 30 minutes during term time – with the school holidays seeing this cut to 22 minutes. And this cut in time on the road could be going some way to improving the moods of British workers across the country.

And it’s motorists in the West Midlands and Wales who see the most time cut from their commutes – with motorists in these regions seeing nine minutes saved on their morning commutes. Motorists in the West Midlands see their commute drop from 30 minutes to 21 while those in Wales go from 29 minutes to 20. But for drivers in Scotland, the joy is less keenly felt as their commute is only cut by five minutes – from 25 minutes to 20 – the shortest difference across the UK.

Indeed, nearly two-fifths (38%) of British motorists say they are much calmer driving during the school holidays due to the quieter roads. A fifth of Brits (20%) even say they have suffered road rage on their commute into work – leaving them fired up before their day has even properly begun. Indeed, one in seven say they often arrive at work annoyed because of bad traffic (15%) – meaning the school holidays might bring calmer office environments up and down the country.

Matt Lloyd, Motoring Expert at, says: “The conversation surrounding the morning commute dominates offices all across the UK on a daily basis. From the inevitably terrible traffic all the way through the other drivers on the road.

“With the Easter Holidays upon us, it’s interesting to note that many British drivers can look forward to quicker commutes in the morning. I’m sure many office managers will also be happy about this – as their staff will be arriving earlier and happier into the office.

“For many, commuting to work is second nature but with drivers reporting road rage on the roads before they’ve even started work, motorists should take care on the roads; whether they are very busy or very quiet.”