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5 gardening blogs you NEED to read

22nd April 2016 Print

When it comes to advice and your garden, perhaps you’ve relied solely on printed magazines or your grandparents' inspiring words over the years and then headed out and toiled in the great outdoors. 

However, these sources of knowledge aren’t always readily available so if you’re looking for up to date methods or new ideas for plants to use on your borders check out these five gardening blogs that you need to read: 

1. The Middle Sized Garden 

If you’re looking for Pinterest worthy tips to pin for later and fun activities to carry out with family in the back garden, then this blog is worth keeping bookmarked. 

Alexandra, the face behind The Middle Sized Garden, is excellent when it comes to breaking down what needs to be done and encouraging gardeners of all abilities to get outside. She’s also helpful if you yourself have a blog, as she is a writer and expert in getting the most out of her writing. 

You can find her blog here

2. The Unconventional Gardener 

Emma is an ethnobotanist so it’s safe to say she knows a thing or two about plants. Her interesting take on her outdoor space and her cultivation of a new garden she is creating makes a great read but she also offers plenty of insightful tips in her posts that could help budding gardeners who are also just starting to create their own spaces. 

Bookmark this page to keep up with Emma’s gardening . 

3. Green Lane Allotments 

The husband and wife duo behind the Green Lane Allotments blog have been growing vegetables since the 80s with great success. They offer excellent advice and even history on allotments on their main site and how to go about keeping one in check, as well as tips on regular gardening too. But if it’s allotments you’re interested in you’ll discover their main blog here

4. Real Men Sow 

Jono and his Mum Jan have been working on an allotment for six years now, producing healthy and great looking fruit and veg. Jono manages the Real Men Sow blog and details just how much money he’s saved growing his own and how you can get the best out of an allotment space. He’s recommended by the Guardian and the Daily Mail and has a friendly laid back attitude about gardening.

5. Out of My Shed

Naomi is the force behind this blog and with stunning imagery and insightful gardening tips it’s a great destination for budding and expert gardeners alike. Naomi takes great pictures and creates fun designs in her space – such as her elephant topiaries, and if you’re now feeling inspired to pick up your own greenery for your garden, check out the You Garden website. It’s a great site to visit if you need some ideas about colours, what to change up this season and updates on what to plant at certain times of year.