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The leading cosmetic treatments out there today

3rd May 2016 Print
Cosmetic Treatments

Cosmetic treatments are more and more accepted by society in general as time goes on, and attitudes towards them are steadily becoming more tolerant. As celebrities pave the way with a little nip and tuck here and there, more people are starting to consider these treatments as a way of maintaining their youth, changing their looks, or removing things that they don’t like. Over time, trends come and go, and there are some treatments which are currently far more popular than the others. Here are the top three changes you could make today which are leading the way above other cosmetic procedures.

Facial Changes

Many people feel that they can hide things that they do not like about their bodies, but have no choice with their faces. Therefore, it’s no surprise that facial changes are one of the biggest areas of cosmetic surgery and treatments out there. Nose jobs, also known as rhinoplasty, are one of the most common features. Also in recent years an increase in lip fillers, thanks in part to Kylie Jenner, has come about, and of course botox injections in the face are very popular. The two main focuses of facial enhancements are either to change a shape, or to reduce the signs of aging. The point is to look as good as possible from the neck up!

Breast Enhancement

Of course, this has always been a popular one, and it remains so. Getting a breast enhancement or enlargement is a hugely common choice, and is often linked either to self-confidence or towards getting work as a glamour model or adult star. There is also reconstruction for those who have suffered from breast cancer or otherwise been scarred or injured. Less common is the breast reduction, though this can be done for those who feel they have gone too far on the enlargements as well as those who are uncomfortable with their natural size. Either way, this is one of the most popular parts of the body to have changed, and plenty of people fantasise about doing it even when they cannot afford to. If the procedures were cheaper, it might be even more widespread!

Body Contouring

Popular with men and with women, body contouring can use a wide range of technologies and techniques like these. The general idea is to change the shape of the body to make it more attractive and desirable, using a number of methods: fat can be removed in order to create a slimmer shape, silicone can be added to make certain areas larger or more shapely, and other manipulation can be used to make the body look more ideal. A great example of this is the create of a six-pack, a very popular treatment for men who want a great body without having to spend hours at the gym every day for the foreseeable future.

There are certainly a lot of other cosmetic treatments which are growing in popularity, as well as others which may have had a heyday in the past and are now less common. The rise and fall of these treatments closely mirrors trends, depending on what particular look might be in fashion at the moment.

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Cosmetic Treatments