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Skipton cuts rates on new build fixed range and simplifies its Help to Buy range

11th May 2016 Print

Skipton Building Society is cutting rates up to 0.34% on 2 year New Build products at 90% LTV and is also launching a simplified Help to Buy range.

Skipton’s New Build proposition encompasses a range of product, policy and service enhancements tailored to give new home buyers the best possible experience and increase support for the new build market.

The New Build products all include free upfront valuations and include 2 year fixes at 2.85% to 90% LTV with £995 fee and fee free 2.89% to 90% LTV, and 5 year fixes at 3.79% to 90% LTV with £995 fee and fee free 3.99% to 90% LTV.

Skipton’s new simplified Help to Buy range includes purchase products to cover 60% to 80% LTVs, while remortgage products cover 70% and 75% LTVs for both 2 and 5 year fixed.

The products announced today all include free upfront valuations and, in some cases, up to £500 cashback on completion.

Help to Buy remortgage products now include the full Deed of Postponement fee for Scottish customers (extra £90 in legal fees) and all Help to Buy remortgage products are now totally fee free for customers.

Kris Brewster, Skipton’s Head of Products, said: “We believe our New Build Residential Products offer very attractive rates and will help first time buyers and those looking to move up the housing ladder to realise their dream of moving into a new property. All new build applications to Skipton are given a priority underwrite within its specialist underwriting team.

“We are also delighted to offer these redesigned Help to Buy ranges, demonstrating Skipton’s continued commitment to supporting the needs of the new build market. We believe this new range offers great value for purchasers and for those wishing to remortgage their existing new home.”

Last month, Skipton opened up its new build lending at 90 per cent LTV to all intermediaries. Before, the higher LTV products were only available to selected brokers.

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