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Give your garden a summer makeover

26th May 2016 Print

The sun is shining in the sky and bumble bees are dozily humming on a breeze. You’re curled up on a swinging chair with your favourite book and nothing but the sound of a lawn mower in the far off distance…at least that’s the scenario you could be enjoying if you give your garden a summer makeover! Here’s everything you need to do, to really make the most of your outdoor space at this wonderful time of year:

Tidy up the lawn

Start by raking off any leaves and twigs, before blowing off the cobwebs from your trusty old lawnmower. Cut the grass when it’s dry and set the blades (around 4cm is good for a trim) and for best results and a really professional finish trim the edges with lawn shears. If your lawn is looking a bit patchy or has some spots of dryness, consider sprinkling on some lawn fertiliser to turn it into a luscious, thick carpet of emerald green. 

Clear the decks

Your decking or patio is probably one area of your garden that could really do with a thorough scrub, so hire a pressure washer (for as little as £25 a day) to blast away the stains that have accumulated over the cooler months. You’ll find that your decking and patio looks as good as new and will provide you and your family with the perfect entertaining area for mouth watering barbeques and leisurely breakfasts in the sun! 

Paint the fence

A freshly painted fence will really smarten up your back garden. Opt for a traditional colour or stain if you like to keep things classic, or consider painting the fence white or navy blue to give a subtle nod to the memory of Mediterranean holidays.

Invite wildlife 

Birds, bees and all manner of wild creatures need a place to live, so why not offer them a corner of your garden? Encourage your garden to burst into life with wild bird feeders, bug hotels and a pond, and consider letting a patch at the end of your lawn run wild (if you can resist temptation to tamper with it!) Long grasses are essential habitats for ground-dwelling insects and make the perfect environment for wildlife to thrive in.

Create an ambient atmosphere 

Don’t forget that your summer garden can be used well into the evening, as well as during the day time. All you’ll need is some ambient lighting (such as eco-friendly solar lights to illuminate pathways and steps and playful festoon lighting to create a party atmosphere), as well as a stash of cosy cushions and blankets, and a mosquito-repelling candle. 

Fill the flower beds with colour

Finally, no English garden would be complete without a kaleidoscope of colours and scents, so nip to your local garden centre or nursery to buy your favourite flowers. Fox gloves, daisies, hydrangeas and dianthus will make your garden pop with colour and charm, and coralbells (with their pink, red or white blooms and sweet smell) will encourage hummingbirds to pay you a visit. Don’t forget to buy some herbs to plant in pots along your garden path, along with swathes of sun-baked lavender to really help you relax in your outdoor space.