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Cost-effective ways to deliver parcels abroad

8th August 2016 Print

When it comes to sending parcels abroad, a lot of people will head straight to the post office and get it delivered through Royal Mail. However, this isn’t always the cheapest or most efficient option. So, whether you’re sending a gift to Ghana, some food to France or an invoice to Indonesia, it is worth exploring the post cost-effective deliveries available. Here we present the best ways to achieve this and keep you and the receiving party happy.   

Cheap Couriers

The internet has brought us all closer together, with the rise of services like Amazon and eBay meaning that goods can be sent and received across the world in a matter of days. This has led to an increase in the use of couriers, resulted in a lot of competition between them and lower prices offered. There are many cheap couriers that work on a business model of bulk buying postage slots from professional couriers and then selling on for a lot less than the direct cost. Some even run loyalty schemes if you need to send a lot of parcels abroad.     

Compare Deliverers 

In the same way that there are now comparison sites for holiday, insurance and much more, there are ones for courier services. Some will be more cost-effective for sending many small parcels, while others will work out cheaper if you need to send heavy items abroad. Comparing the options available is the most sensible way to discover which is the most cost-effective choice. 

Use Professional Services

Professional courier services offer a wider range of options and guarantee deliveries will arrive on time and in top condition. If you need to get a parcel abroad as soon as possible, in a certain timeframe or need it picking up from an exact address, these can be the best option. As highly renowned companies, your parcels will be in good hands and it will provide a little more confidence to the receiving party, knowing their delivery is with such a firm.  

Avoid Mistakes

Making mistakes when sending packages abroad can waste a lot of time and finances, with most being sent back. Ensure that all deliveries are properly labelled, with a customs declaration attached if sending outside of the EU. Without any of these you will find parcels sent abroad will be returned immediately. Make the most of these tips to ensure any parcels you send abroad reach their destination on time, intact and in the most cost-effective manner.