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Burglars seek window of opportunity as temperatures rise

9th August 2016 Print

As the great British summer finally arrives, Lloyds Bank Insurance is warning homeowners to be aware of opportunistic burglary through open windows and unlocked doors.

According to in-house claims data, there was a 14% increase in unforced burglary last year during the summer months compared to winter months. The average value of a claim for unforced burglary last year was just over £1,100.

Senior Claims Manager Tim Downes says: "Small items left on windowsills such as jewellery, wallets, and smartphones are particularly at risk along with car keys, as opportunist burglars reach in through open doors and windows to grab whatever they can. We are reminding people to be aware of this type of theft and take steps to prevent themselves becoming an easy target.”

With many thefts occurring while homeowners are actually at home, Lloyds Bank Insurance recommends taking some simple tips to help protect property during summer.

Lock the front door when out in the garden

Keep windows closed when not in the room

Don’t leave valuables within easy reach or visible through windows

Mark your property with an ultra violet pen to help police trace it if it is stolen

Keeping receipts of valuables can help in the event of a claim

Consider installing a safe for small valuables such as jewellery, watches and credit cards

Fit visible, key operated window and door locks and keep them locked, particularly on the ground floor of properties

Don’t leave keys hidden outside as most burglars know where to look

Install a burglar alarm in a prominent place and always set it at night and when leaving the property empty.

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