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BMW Boxer Twins - here's the Bible!

30th April 2009 Print
BMW Boxer Twins The BMW Boxer Twins 1970-1996 Bible describes in great detail BMW's very significant air-cooled motorcycles of the 1970s through the 1990s: motorcycles which provided an unparalleled combination of comfort, reliability and performance which earned them a huge following internationally.

By way of introduction the book relates how, in the 1960s, before the /5 series, BMW had a reputation for producing expensive and idiosyncratic touring motorcycles. But the /5 changed all that. Although still expensive, BMW twins suddenly became desirable to a new world of riders, and during the 1970s the air-cooled boxer evolved into the ground-breaking R90S and R100RS sports and sports touring models. These were amongst the first motorcycles with factory-fitted fairings and they also offered class-leading performance. Even when BMW decided to discontinue the twins in favour of the new four-cylinder K-series in 1984, demand for the older boxers forced BMW to reconsider. The boxer was resurrected and continued for more than a decade.

The ultimate source of information on the BMW Boxer Twins of 1970 to 1996, this 'Bible' includes a full description of the model's stage-by-stage development along with analysis of the boxer twin engine. Year-by-year revisions to each model during the whole production run and all engine and frame numbers are included with a technical appraisal. The full racing history is another feature of the book.

One of the world’s foremost motorcycle historians, Ian Falloon brings the same passion to The BMW Boxer Twins as he does to his other over twenty books on motorcycles. These titles include the Original BMW Twins, BMW R90S, BMW Story, Ducati Story, Moto Guzzi Story, Honda Story and Veloce publications The Ducati 750 Bible, Ducati 900 Bible, Moto Guzzi Sport Bible and Laverda Twin and Triple Bible.

Author Ian Falloon has a small collection of classic sporting motorcycles, including a 1976 BMW R90S. He is a freelance contributor to a number of motorcycle magazines around the world and was born in New Zealand but currently lives in Australia with his wife Miriam, and sons Ben and Tim.

The BMW Boxer Twins 1970-1996 Bible is published by Veloce at £29.99 in hardback with 190 colour pictures.

R45, R65, G/S and GS models are not covered.

ENDS (365 words)

The BMW Boxer Twins 1970-1996 Bible
By Ian Falloon
Available now UK & USA
ISBN 978-1-84584-168-3
UPC 636847041687
£29.99 UK / $59.95 USA

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BMW Boxer Twins