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New study reveals the regions where drink driving is still an issue around Christmas

17th November 2016 Print

We all know drink driving is an issue over the festive season, and to help combat the problem, Jennings Motor Group has launched a useful resource to help people understand what they are legally able to do, to stop someone they believe is about to drink and drive: 

The study revealed the top 10 locations around the UK with the highest number of December arrests:

Northern Ireland - 308
West Midlands - 301
Dorset - 269
Thames Valley & Hampshire - 258
West Mercia - 202
Kent - 183
South Yorkshire - 174
Avon & Somerset - 165
Devon & Cornwall - 159
Cheshire – 148

Below is a league table of the top 6 locations around the UK with the highest increase of drink driving arrests in December than their monthly average:

West Mercia: 202 December arrests, 124 monthly average arrests (63% increase)
Gwent: 68 December arrests, 45 monthly average arrests (51% increase)
Warwickshire: 106 December arrests, 71 monthly average arrests (49% increase)
Dyfed-Powys: 67 December arrests, 49 monthly average arrests (36% increase)
South Yorkshire: 174 December arrests, 137 monthly average arrests (27% increase)
Cheshire: 148 December arrests, 121 monthly average arrests (23% increase)

“We wanted to create a useful resource for people to get a full understanding of what they are legally allowed to do when they are faced with a drink driver, or someone who is going to get into their vehicle after a few drinks. 

“If you are in this situation yourself, please remember to find a designated driver, leave your keys at home, or book a taxi. The money spent on that journey is drastically minute in comparison to how negatively your life could change being involved in a drink driving accident.”

Drinking Driving in the UK
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