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How to paint a garage door

17th November 2016 Print

Sometimes, giving your home a good lick of paint is one of the best ways to inject a new lease of life into your property. While you may draft in help to paint your windows, frames and guttering, it’s easy to paint your garage door yourself by following our step-by-step guide below.

Find high-quality paint

Before you begin the painting process, it’s important to find the right paint. As well as looking for the right colour that works for your property, you should look for high-quality paint that will stand the test of time. Retailers such as Paints4Trade offer high-quality industrial-standard paints that are ideal for garage doors – so look online and find your favourite colour.

Prepare the door in advance

Preparing your door is another important part of the painting process. Before any work can begin, spray your door with an all-in-one cleaner and remove any dirt and dust from the surface. When it’s dried, use masking tape to keep handles, trims and windows protected, and add a drop cloth to the door to prevent your driveway from dripping paint.

You should also remove any existing paint and rust using a wire brush and paint scraper, or opt for a chemical stripper to remove all of your old paint before applying a fresh coat. While this can be a difficult job, it guarantees a more thorough finish and prevents marks and drips. As always, be sure to wear safety goggles when you are using scrapers and hazardous materials.

Prime your door

While the majority of modern garage doors are made of metal, it’s possible that yours was designed using wood. Find a high-quality primer that works well for your door’s surface, and apply it using a wide paint brush or roller. Using a primer allows your paint to stick better to your door, giving you a more effective finish. Once applied, allow up to 24 hours for your primer to fully dry.

Apply the paint to your door

Decide whether you want to apply your paint using a sprayer, paintbrush or roller, and begin the process of painting your garage doors. Using a semi-gloss paint with a sheen is the easiest solution for maintenance, but a varnish can offer a similar result if applied correctly. Remember to paint under proper weather conditions – painting when it is too cold or too hot can damage your paint, while rain and sleet can remove the paint altogether.

Clean up

Once you’re happy with your new garage door, leave it to try and rinse your paint brushes and equipment until the water runs clear. Remember to remove your drop cloths, masking tape and clean up any paint spillages from your door or floor using a turpentine solution.

By following our garage door painting guide, you should be able to easily paint your garage without the need for an expert. Remember to take your time, allow for layers to dry and don’t scrimp on your materials – the better quality your paint, the longer it will last.

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