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How to mix your summer and winter wardrobes

29th November 2016 Print

As each season comes to an end, women tend to move the clothes they wore over the last few months to the back of the wardrobe and bring the ones they will need during the following months to the front. 

Men, on the other hand, are ignoring the season’s change and mixing winter and summer looks – or creating a ‘winterfication’ of the summer wardrobe

Traditionally menswear, like womenswear, has seasonal boundaries – such as jumpers and dark colours for autumn and winter and short sleeves for the summer months. However, it has become clear that this isn’t quite how men wear clothes – rather than splitting their outfits for different seasons, they have a capsule wardrobe of sorts, that transcends seasons. 

So men, if you are wondering how to mix your summer and winter wardrobes, here are the answers: 

A shearling lined denim jacket  

Denim is a staple piece in every wardrobe and is perfect for both those cooler summer nights and chillier winter evenings. Go for one with shearling – it will give you added warmth and look great all year round. Plus, it is the height of fashion right now and doesn’t look like it is going anywhere any time soon. Wear it with a lightweight t-shirt during spring and summer and a cosy jumper during autumn and winter – or a long sleeved top like these from Gym King clothing at Clues Fashion for that in-between time. 

Floral Print 

Floral print typically adorns many items of summer clothes – it became particular popular this summer primarily on both t-shirt pockets and sleeves. However, floral also featured prominently in many A/W 2016 street style trends at men’s Fashion Week. It is the perfect way to brighten up a darker, plainer outfit but perhaps just opt for the print in slightly darker colours rather than brighter ones. You might want to incorporate slim ties in vivid floral prints to brighten up suits or a floral pocket square for a simple take on the trend.   


A fedora is the perfect accompaniment to any outfit across all seasons. In summer it will shield your eyes from the sun and protect your scalp from burning. In winter it will keep your head warm when the wind becomes icy cold. In autumn and winter go for a darker colour and team with knitwear and a large coat. Then in spring and summer swap for perhaps a brighter coloured hat along with a t-shirt and jeans. 


Layering is key in winter and t-shirts are perfect for this – so rather than showing them off as you do in the summer, slip a jumper and jacket over them for extra warmth. Again long sleeve tops are perfect for this too!  


Again, denim can and should be worn across all seasons – in the summer you may want to wear your jeans with a t-shirt and boat shoes then, in winter, swap these for a jumper and a pair of boots. 

These are just a few ways you might want to mix your summer and winter wardrobes but there are plenty more items of clothing that are perfect across all seasons.