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Tyndale House investment opportunity

2nd February 2017 Print

Tyndale House provides investors with the opportunity to invest in the residential and nursing care home sector. Investors can purchase and lease back care studios at Tyndale House which is located in Yeovil while benefitting from fixed returns that will continue well into the future.

The property is situated in sprawling, beautiful grounds and is owned by The Care Home Group which provides living accommodation that consists of personal and nursing care around the clock.

For a number of years, the property has traded successfully but it is now undergoing renovation in an attempt to create a place that provides residents with tranquility and serenity during their later years. 

Tyndale House is located close to the centre of Yeovil while a number of local amenities are situated nearby. There is a significant demand for care accommodation in the area as it is home to a high percentage of individuals who are retired. Therefore, interest in Tyndale House from individuals looking for care and support is expected to increase considerably.

The property will provide care studios that have been designed in such a way that they enhance life to the point where every day living is easier. 

Each care studio come with an en-suite and stunning views. Each unit has sufficient living space and has been refurbished to assist with any needs during later life. Safety is key and so, the property has been designed to make life easier for those with mobility issues. 

Residents will benefit from 24-hour care that will be provided by qualified nurses who are committed and supportive in every possible way.

Investing in Tyndale House

The residential care home investment sector is a very lucrative sector and is currently worth just short of £16 billion. The demand is high and for the first time, the number of over 60’s is higher than the number of under 16’s. Essentially, this means that there is a growing demand for high quality care homes that provide the support and care required.

The care studios at Tyndale House are unique as well as being designed and decorated with consideration and understanding. They come with safety features, high quality furniture and many other useful additions such as a plasma TV, fridge, WiFi and a nurse call system. They have been created with easy living in mind.

Investment Details

Investors will have the chance to purchase a 125-year leasehold of a care-studio that forms part of the care home portfolio. This will be offered at a price that is discounted against the full retail price. The care studio is then leased back over a period of ten years at a price that equates to 10% of the original purchase price per year. 

To achieve a healthy return on investment, the care studio will also be marketed when the time comes to sell as well as buy-back which comes at a 10% premium once a buyer has been located.

For more information on Tyndale House, please contact Hopwood House.