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Do's and don’ts of interior design

14th May 2017 Print

Making your house feel like a home is something we all strive to achieve but taking inspiration from different places can be a risky business. We’ve all probably seen designs in friends’ houses, quirky pubs and stately homes that we want to recreate in our own homes but some designs are best kept elsewhere. There are no strict rules to follow but some very useful tips if you want to avoid any potentially expensive catastrophes. 

Generally, you must always keep in mind what you want from the room or space – what it must deliver above all else. This will impact on the furniture and objects you choose to add to your room. For instance, when decorating a bedroom, the main focal point would be a bed as this will be the largest object in the room. The Divan Beds Centre is a great place to start when looking for a statement bed, if this is on your shopping list.

Then, once you’ve summed up your goal in one sentence, it’s time to plan how to deliver that. Here’s a series of do’s and don’ts that will ensure your project has the best possible chance of success:

Do: Bring your personality. 

Draw inspiration from all of your favourite places, hobbies and experiences and bring them into your home. Using bog standard mass produced items can make your house feel very clinical or sterile. Even if your style is quite minimalistic there are always small touches of personality that you can add to your home such as photographs, souvenirs and statues. 

Don’t: Go over the top. 

Just because you have taken 500 photos from your holidays doesn’t mean you need to put all 500 on the wall. Try adding your favourites to a collage in a frame or creating a scrapbook. If you’re a fan of motivational signs and you’ve been given one or two as presents it doesn’t mean that filling each wall in every room is going to look good. Be selective and only display the sayings that you truly live by. 

Do: Use colour. 

Often we can be afraid to add a splash of colour in our rooms but these really can show off your personality. Remember, colour doesn’t always mean you have to paint all of the walls and ceilings. You can simply add some elegant wallpaper to a feature wall or some colourful cushions or curtains to your space. Colour works effectively in smaller spaces - especially corridors, landings or hallways.

Don’t: Go too stark!

If white or light colours are your passion, then just bear in mind if you want to have children or pets in your home that this might not always be the most practical solution. Both tend to make mucky marks in places that you would never have thought possible. 

Do: Invest in quality. 

Furniture can be very expensive but don’t be afraid to save up for a main focal piece. One item can make or break a room so take your time and look for quality. It doesn’t always mean that you have to spend a fortune but if you want the item to last then it is well worth spending a little bit extra. 

Don’t: Forget to measure. 

If you are about to splurge on a giant corner sofa or a roll top bath, always measure your room to ensure that you have enough space. There’s nothing worse than getting something back home and then realising that it doesn’t fit.