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The original 9-5 turns 20? Where can you find spare SAAB parts?

29th August 2017 Print

For many, the Saab story will always be bittersweet. The Swedish automaker – renowned for coupling its parts engineering and innovation with design minimalism – went bankrupt in 2012 following years of ownership by American carmaker General Motors. Saab exists today in ghost form, and while the ever-reducing number of Saabs on the road acts as a sad reminder of decades long gone, they also provide a retrospective into historical advanced automobile design.

Take the Saab 9-5, first revealed 20 years ago. Although many hardcore enthusiasts were not happy to see GM take over, the 9-5 was an example of both automakers coming together to create something truly special. 

Many of the original Saab 9-5’s parts, accessories and features have gone on to become commonplace throughout the production-vehicle world. Innovations of the 9-5 interior include ventilated seats and even forward-folding rear seats for extra trunk space. Also seen were improvements to Saab’s engine with an asymmetrical turbocharger in the 3.0L V6 version. This particular SAAB turbo was notable for achieving exceptional torque at relatively low r.p.m. (229 foot-pounds per 2100 r.p.m.)

Along with the vehicles themselves, genuine Saab parts are no longer being manufactured. Therefore, those who currently own a Saab or are interested in owning one eventually may want to know the best places for finding replacement Saab parts and components.

Get Saab Parts Online

In this day and age of the Internet, the journey often begins here. Online Saab parts stores offer a wide array of essential spare parts and accessories for most models/years from a ‘73 Saab 99 to a 2011 9-5. Simply enter the year, make, model, and engine type to find the Saab parts available for your car. 

Free shipping may be applicable, and don’t forget to consider genuine, OEM and aftermarket parts options. Furthermore, some of these online stores have created resources and/or networked with reliable sources of information for vehicle maintenance tips and parts modifications.

Local Stores

When you’re in the midst of an emergency you don’t have time to wait for shipping and need to pick something up right away. Those auto parts stores located around town are great for the basics. Universal components like car batteries, windshield wipers, motor oil, even some hoses and what not, can be found there. However, you’ll usually end up paying more. Obviously, if you’re on a road trip or have a big event or meeting the next day you don’t have much time, so immediacy is a more important factor than cost.

Specialists and Dealers

Sometimes if a store (either online or local) doesn’t have something in stock, a dealership or specialist might.  It’s likely one or two dealerships in your area still services SAAB automobiles so it’s worth checking if they have what you need. Despite that the Saab parts and labor for repairs will cost significantly more than they would through alternative options, one can expect to get reliable and long-lasting products and services from a dealership.

A SAAB specialist would be your next place to check for harder-to-find parts that even a dealership won’t have. They’re often hired for more complicated and/or uncommon repairs so they sometimes hold onto those less-available parts. Chances are good that local garage specializing in Saab will have the parts on hand. Again, they’ll cost more, but at least they’re there. 

It’s worth mentioning that online stores like will usually help you find the parts you need and help you obtain them from whoever that is, so it’s always beneficial to start there.

Scrapyards and Swap Meets

A trip to the local pick and pull can either be an exciting prospect or an arduous chore, depending on what you’re looking for and the person themself. Looking for parts at a swap meet or scrapyard is a mission with a low-probability of success, but no one ever knows for sure until they try. And sometimes you’re out of other options, especially when looking for particularly rare genuine Saab parts. 

At the scrapyard, head straight to the foreign cars section and zero-in on the Saab rows. You should be able to see pretty quickly if there’s an abundance of spare Saab parts to comb through or realize the cars are already picked clean. 

Swap meets are typically specific to one or a few makes, and will be organized accordingly. Once you find the SAAB section, you’ll have to mosey around talking to people at various tables inquiring about the specific parts you need.

The original 9-5, released 20 years ago, was a leap forward which took the entire car industry along for the ride. While the Swedish carmaker is no longer around, well cared for SAABs remain roadworthy even enduring the harshest conditions. Therefore, it’s becoming ever more important for owners to understand their options for buying spare Saab parts to keep their cars on the road.