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More than half of grandparents unaware of UK child car seat law

6th September 2017 Print

New research released from LV=, the UK’s third largest car insurer, reveals that three in five (61%) grandparents who regularly drive are not fully aware of the UK law around car seats for children.

Of those who never use a child seat, four in 10 (39%) said they believe that children are safe with just a seatbelt on. What’s more, a quarter (26%) of those with grandchildren aged 6-9 also feel they are safe without a car or booster seat - despite many children in this age group requiring one by law.

Under UK law, children must normally use a child car seat until they’re 12 years old or 135 centimetres tall, whichever comes first. Those who don’t stick to the law are at risk of a £500 fine and could potentially be putting their grandchildren in danger when driving.

In light of the fact that many grandparents are unaware of the law, 90% of those surveyed agree that more needs to be done to raise awareness of it. As a result, LV= has today committed to working with its customers to raise awareness of the law. In addition to this, the company is calling on the Government to work in partnerships with manufacturers, schools and the authorities to raise awareness among both grandparents and parents to help them better understand the importance of using the appropriate childseats.

LV= Managing Director of Car Insurance, Selwyn Fernandes, said: “Every day, many grandparents provide invaluable help to their families by providing childcare. There will no doubt be countless car journeys made and in light of this research we feel it’s important to raise awareness of the law and help families understand the importance of it.  In doing so, we hope to clear up the confusion and ensure grandparents feel more confident that they are driving their grandchildren safely and legally.”