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How to build a storage building on your property

21st November 2017 Print

Storage buildings may let you move enough stuff out of the garage so that you can park your cars in there again. However, there’s more to the process than picking a building out of a catalogue or from a website and it magically appearing in your garden. Here is a general overview regarding how to build a storage building on your property.

Consider the Size and Function Before Anything Else

Before you do anything, think about everything you want to do with the storage building. Will it only be used as storage? Or do you want to have part of the storage building set up as a work bench so you can work on projects in that same space? This affects the size and layout of the building. Do you just want a storage building for gardening equipment or do you want it to double as a play house? Are you going to use it to store a few tools or do you want to be able to store a ride-on lawn mower in it, too?

Understand the Rules and Regulations

Most metal sheds and storage buildings do not require a permit. The caveats to this include sheds and storage buildings so large they look like a mother-in-law suite or detached garage; local ordinances may put limits on how big the storage building can be before it needs a permit. You may need to get a permit if you’re going to run a small business out of the storage building or connect utilities like power to it. You do need to determine how far the building needs to be from the property lines and main house. If you may need to move the building a meter in any direction because of easements, you may want a freestanding shed that can be moved. You may also be bound by local building regulations to have a storage building made out of certain materials or adhering to a specific architectural style.

Get a Plan

Get a plan. This is a map showing your property lines, existing buildings and easements. You want to know where you can legally put the storage building and ensure that it is far enough away from your property line and others’ homes. The last thing you want to do is put up an expensive storage building and have it torn down because it is a little over the property line or on top of a utility easement.

Determine How Much Work You Want to Do

You can select a storage building from a website of some vendors and have it delivered pre-assembled to your home, assuming it can be moved to the final destination without disassembly. Or you could order a partially assembled storage building from a kit. Another option is picking out a building from somewhere like and having the company build the storage building on your property. Once you decide how much work you want to do if any, you can narrow down the list of options from any vendor and pick the one you want.

Order Your Storage Building

The next step is ordering the storage building including any related services like assembly. The storage building will be delivered, and if part of the total package, assembled on your property. Otherwise you’ll need to do the assembly.

Before you start building, know what you want and need from the storage building so that you buy one today that fits your family’s needs now and later. Understand the rules and regulations that apply to the storage building, whether limiting its size, location or materials. Get a plan so that you know where the building can go. Determine whether or not you want to do any assembly; you can order it and have someone else build it, deliver it assembled or do part of the assembly work yourself. Then order the kit that fits all of your requirements.