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A guide to selling your home at Christmas

27th November 2017 Print

There's a common myth that it's impossible to sell your home over Christmas. However, you may be surprised to learn that Christmas and the winter months can actually be a great time to sell your home.

Due to fewer buyers, selling your home at this time of year can take a little longer but it's certainly doable. Plus, there are some tricks that could help you to sell your home more quickly. Intrigued? Read our guide to selling your home at Christmas.

Keep Decorations Small

When it comes to Christmas, some of us really like to decorate – Christmas trees, bunting, outdoor light displays, banisters wrapped in tinsel – but this festive approach may be off-putting to buyers. Too many Christmas decorations can be distracting, meaning viewers don't get a true representation of the area available. To really sell your home, keep Christmas trees small so they don't take up too much space and try to limit decorations to one room.

Practice Christmas Minimalism

When selling a home at any time of the year, home owners are always advised to depersonalise their properties by hiding photographs and creating a neutral, welcoming atmosphere, and Christmas is no exception. Keep it tasteful by putting up decorations in only one colour that matches your interior decor, avoid hanging personal ornaments, and aim for the 'less is more' approach by using minimalist Christmas decor

Decoration-Free Photographs

You may love your Christmas tree, but buyers are interested in how a home looks all year round, not just during December. As such, when your agent comes to photograph your property, move your Christmas decorations out of sight. Remember, most people start their property search online, so fabulous photos are essential.

Boost Your Home's Exterior

During the Winter, your garden may become full of leaves, your grass may become too long and any work that needs doing to your home's exterior can be forgotten about. However, kerb appeal is crucial, even at Christmas time. Make sure to clean out gutters, sweep up leaves, paint any peeling areas, stage your outdoor space to show how it can be used, and most importantly, make sure your walk ways are free of ice.

Choose the Right Agent

A lot of businesses operate with reduced hours over Christmas, but if you're trying to sell your home, you need an estate agent that will be open. Many high street agents typically close for the majority of the end of December, so instead, choose an online company, such as Hatched, that make it easier for potential buyers to book viewings during the festive period.

Warm and Inviting

During the winter, people bring out their throws, fluffy cushions and little extras that make their homes feel cosy. This is a great selling technique, as it makes your home feel warm and inviting. You could go one step further and light Christmas scented candles, offer viewers Christmas treats fresh from the oven, put on the fire, and use fairy lights and lamps to add an extra touch of warmth.

Keep Up with Neighbours

If no one else on your street has an external lights while every square inch of your brickwork is covered, or vice versa, it could make your home stand out for all the wrong reasons. Your potential buyers are looking for a welcoming and inviting location, so keep up with your neighbours – but remember not to go overboard.

While achieving a sale at Christmas can be hard, it is possible. Dress your home so that it's warm and inviting without being over the top, update your exterior and choose the right agent to help you sell your home during the Winter months.